Ram's Horn Shofar Painted by "Tree of Life"

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Hand-painted shofar depicting the "Tree of Life" on a decorated flowers background.

● Size: 15" - 17" inch / 38-44 cm.
● Made in Israel.
● Easy blow horn.

Shofar depicting the "Tree of Life" on a decorated flowers background.

In Genesis, Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden lest they eat from the tree of life and live forever. In Revelation, God says that the tree of life is in the paradise of God. The tree gives fruit every month and its twelve kinds of fruit are for the healing of the nations. The tree of life shows us the promise of eternal life in Heaven.

Creation of renowned Israeli artist Sarit Romano - This is a unique shofar with a serial number and a part of limited edition.

Each shofar is hand-painted in Israel and tested for sound quality.

● Size: 15" - 17" inch / 38-44 cm.
● Made in Jerusalem.
● Easy blow horn.

Note: Shofar length is measured around the edge of the shofar.

Also comes with an optional olive wood shofar stand from Bethlehem.

The Shofar is hand painted by Sarit with deep enamel colors, then finished with a lacquer to preserve its beauty. 

'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches To him who overcomes, I will grant to eat of the tree of life which is in the Paradise of God.'
(Revelation 2:7)

Please note that each shofar is unique due to the nature of the product, and that your shofar may vary slightly in color and shape from what you see in the image.

The shofar is spoken of frequestly in scripture beginning at Exodus 19. where the blast of a shofar emanating from the thick cloud on Mount Sinai makes the Israelites tremble in awe.

The shofar is used to announce the new moon and the Jubilee year. The first day of the seventh month (Tishrei) is termed "a memorial of blowing". Also they are sued to 'sound the alarm' (Joel 2) and signifying the start of a war. Later, they were also employed in the temple orchestra by King David.  

A great biblical gift from Jerusalem!

Christian gifts shipped to you direct from Jerusalem.

You are welcome to visit us at 24 Christian Quarter Road in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.

Our shop specializes in selling antiquities, and we are licensed by the Israel Antiquities Authority as an authorized dealer.

You will also find many other gifts made in Israel on our site, including Roman glass jewelry, olive wood figures, and other unique gifts from the Old City.

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