Clothing, Sandals, Bags and Accessories from Israel – T shirts, biblical sandals, belts and accessories direct from the Holy Land. Large range of clothing including Jesus sandals and souvenir shirts with scripture and symbols from the Bible.

How many times have you purchased sandals and enjoyed them but never questioned their origin?
Sandals of camel leather worn in the City of Jerusalem not only have specific designs but a history that dates back several thousands of years. Durable and comfortable are just some of the traits of these well proven sandals.  Many tourists upon return visit can’t wait to buy camel leather Jesus sandals for their loved ones at home. These are made in Bethlehem by skilled leather tool workers who have taken care to make sure each pair of leather sandals are up to their standards of quality.
Once you have selected the sandals you may want to consider a special T-Shirt to go with them.  Printed in the Holy Land and sure to greet with a smile T-Shirts are a must. Though great for gifts to all ages these are also an excellent expression of the buyer.  Various slogans popular to many such as Bible references with printed pictures and stand out colors are available. Many humorous as well.
Not much has changed in footwear in the Middle East since two thousand years ago. The same styles are here today. Statements in designs of cloth also covered the people as they visited and walked upon the stony streets. The same walk today finds the visitor in the City of Jerusalem with many of the same articles of choice as selection. A man or woman would have found merchants everywhere as we have now.
Can you imagine any of these visitors to Jerusalem in ancient times realizing the future as we have it now?  The click of a button and in a matter of seconds a purchase has been made for a pair of sandals or a shirt for ones friends or family. Surely it would never have crossed their minds. Yet here we are looking at these selections of lovely tooled leather shoes and choices of garments with ease.
As you view what is possible for your own Jesus sandals or Biblical scripture printed on a T-Shirt may it be a reminder of HIM always.
You are welcome to visit us on your tour of Jerusalem. Our shop is located at 24 Christian Quarter road. We also ship worldwide from the heart of the Holy Land.


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