Soaps are made for one primary purpose: to clean dirt, oil, and all kinds of impurities from your skin. In this way, using saponification, soaps can cleanse your skin and keep your body safe from bacteria and different body infections.

By bathing with soap, you unclog your pores and prevent several disorders. Studies have also shown that regular baths reduce the occurrence of heart disease, and this may be largely due to the fact that baths help you relax and unwind, thus releasing the blood vessels and resulting in better heart health.

Persons choose their soaps for a variety of reasons. Some will choose a soap because of its fragrance, some because of the brand, and others due to the health benefits that they purport to have. “Although you wash yourself with soap and use an abundance of cleansing powder, the stain of your guilt is still before me, declares the Sovereign Lord.” (Jeremiah 2:22)

While we agree that soap cannot wash away our guilt and sins, we still have to be deliberate about our choice of soap. Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts has helped make our choice easier by bringing a synergetic blend of olive oil and the Dead Sea minerals that guarantee many health benefits beyond a simple cleansing.

As we consider olive oil soaps, we can choose from olive oil and lemongrass, chamomile, tea tree oil, lavender, rosemary, pomegranate, or Rose of Sharon.

Imagine with me the fragrance of these exotic blends that have been known to refresh and restore not just your skin radiance but also your energies. Journey with me as you savor the scent of the tea tree oil mixed with the olive oil in a soapy lather. Allow the scents to massage your nostrils as you unwind and cleanse your pores in one simultaneous motion, allowing the emulsifying agents to remove dirt and oil from the skin.

Each day we are exposed to bacteria, dust, and even corrosive acids, so we can definitely benefit from the antibacterial properties of these bathing soaps, which are gentle on the skin, but effective as cleaning agents. The use of naturally soft Dead Sea minerals in soap creates a win-win for all.

Not only are you able to clean and refresh your skin, but the magic of the blend of Dead Sea minerals also protects and restores balance to your skin. With the Dead Sea minerals known for reducing acne, calming psoriasis, and other skin disorders, as you bathe with Dead Sea mineral soaps, you have yourself a winning combo.

The salt and magnesium in the Dead Sea minerals soap have been known to make the skin more elastic and a better barrier against trauma, be it physical or environmental. Of course, the health benefits of Dead Sea minerals far outweigh the sulphuric scent, but Zak’s combine these soaps with lavender and enrich them with chamomile, which ensures that the fragrance is just as soothing as the health benefits.

These soaps are known to be therapeutic and high-quality, and your skin will feel as amazing as it looks after each bath. Can you imagine the benefits of a 26 minerals soap with Dead Sea minerals? Add this to your basket even as you consider anti-cellulite soaps and mineral mud soap for acne-plagued skins.

When you choose from Zak’s Jerusalem range of health soaps with natural plants and minerals, your soap can be your medicine. Choose them for yourself or as gifts for family and special friends. Spread the radiance that comes feeling clean, fresh, and refreshed after pampering yourself with olive oil and Dea Sea minerals soaps. Enjoy these luxurious handcrafted scented soaps that leave your skin soft, supple, and naturally moisturized.


Olive Oil and Dead Sea Mineral Soap products from Israel provide an intensely nourishing and moisturizing experience. These soaps have been uniquely formulated with natural ingredients from the Dead Sea and olive oil from the Galilee to create a luxurious and luxurious lather that is not only hydrating and cleansing, but also anti-aging and rejuvenating.

The combination of the powerhouse ingredients of olive oil and Dead Sea minerals provides an exceptional experience that leaves skin feeling baby-soft and pampered. Olive oil is full of antioxidants and fatty acids that cleanse and nourish the skin while Dead Sea minerals provide soothing benefits and reduce inflammation.

The Olive Oil and Dead Sea Mineral Soap products from Israel are gentle enough to use on the face, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin. The soap has a delicate scent that is calming and relaxing, making it perfect to use before bedtime or to begin and end the day in serene comfort.

The Olive Oil and Dead Sea Mineral Soap products from Israel provide an indulgent experience that is sure to leave your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and utterly pampered.