Did you know that the condition of your hair can tell a lot about your overall health and general wellbeing? Persons naturally dread thinning hair, split ends, breakage, dry hair, and frizzy hair, but all of these can be signs that you need to change your diet or hair care routine to improve your overall health.

Nobody likes lackluster, dull and lifeless hair, but many cannot be bothered with the effort of hair care. If you wish to have strong, healthy hair with a natural shine and vitality,  you must be deliberate about your hair care routine and choice of hair products, preferably choosing those with essential minerals for sustained hair restoration and growth.

First Corinthians 11:15 says. “…but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering.” Zak’s Jerusalem is happy to bring you a collection of hair care items that are guaranteed to help you maintain your hair’s glory.

These hair products have a high ratio of Dead Sea minerals and range from serums with Dead Sea minerals to hair masks with Dead Sea mud. Dead Sea mud comprises up to 21 different minerals, including calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium, and is naturally found in the Dead Sea, which is known to have healing properties. While many tend to use Dead Sea mud for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, it has become trendy over the years for hair masks.

Many shy away from the idea of using a Dead Sea Mud mask in their hair, but Zak’s specializes in Restorative Hair masks with Argan oil and Dead Sea minerals, Honey and Olive Oil Hair masks, Shea Butter hair masks, and Treatment hair masks, all with a high proportion of Dead Sea mud and minerals. Hair masks with Dead Sea mud are known to increase hair growth, moisturize dry, damaged hair, reduce scalp inflammation, restore shininess, prevent dandruff and balance out oils in the hair. Using Dead Sea mud in one’s hair, in addition to regular shampooing and conditioning, can provide extra nourishment for the follicles.

As the mud distributes nutrients to the hair follicles, this combats brittle hair and breakage while protecting the hair from radiation and other damage caused by natural elements like seawater and climate change. Hair can also be damaged by too much heat when curling or straightening and sustained exposure to high quantities of chlorine water. Whatever the cause of the hair damage, mud masks or serums with Dead Sea minerals are known to bring about immediate and sustained improvements in one’s hair health.

Prevent premature hair loss, boost your overall health and restore your self-confidence by investing in a hair care routine that uses a combination of naturally occurring minerals that your hair will love.

Help that special woman in your life, whether a wife, mother, daughter, or sister, restore her glory by gifting her any hair product from Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts enriched with Dead Sea minerals. Watch the restoration that comes for dry, brittle, thin hair with split ends when the minerals seep into the follicles and transforms hair into the vibrancy and fullness that borders on magical. You do not need to have a scalp issue to use these products, as sometimes your hair just needs some pampering in between washes.

Your hair represents health and beauty in your youth and wisdom and vitality in your old age, even as the color turns grey. Good healthy hair supports not only your physical well-being, but also your mental health. Your responsibility is to ensure that you have consistent hair care routines to ensure that your hair is always at its peak condition.


The Dead Sea Minerals Hair Care Sea Products from Israel are an excellent choice for those looking to revitalize their hair. Rich in minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium, these products offer a unique blend of natural ingredients to promote healthier, stronger hair with a natural shine.

Rather than just coating the hair with a protective layer, the Sea Products from Israel actually infuse minerals directly into the hair, helping to strengthen and protect it from further damage. The minerals contained in the Dead Sea help to reduce scalp irritation, add body to limp or thinning hair, and reduce the amount of oil produced, helping to banish frizz and fly-aways.

The minerals also help to soothe the hair's surface, improving overall styling and reversing the effects of heat damage. In addition to their nourishing properties, the Dead Sea Minerals Hair Care products are also designed to repair damage and restore the natural oils that are essential for healthy hair.

These products leave the hair feeling soft, strong, and silky without adding excess weight or greasiness. The natural ingredients combine to make a perfect treatment for anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their hair while also restoring its strength and lustrous shine.