Christian, Messianic and Jewish Jewelry from Jerusalem –

Jewelry gifts for him and her. Our Christian jewelry selection from Jerusalem includes unique Christian pendants, rings or bracelets, sure to carry that special message of faith to the wearer.

What does God have to say about Jewelry? 

Though some have never considered the concept of what God has to say about Jewelry, others have questioned its biblical relevance to a great degree making conscience decisions to incorporate it into their life style; some choosing to buy as gifts, to own and wear for themselves or simply purchasing for their investment value.

This was the basis of the amazing transaction that took place in the book of Exodus, chapter 3:21-22.  In this scripture, God Himself commands the children of Israel to approach their neighbors before leaving Egypt, and as the result of this action, they were to adorn not only themselves with jewelry, but their clothing, and their children.  Imagine a commission from God to wear jewelry, and not only wear it, but adorn your children and clothing!

To this day it has been considered an honor to give the gift of jewelry not only to loved ones, but as well to friends as recognition of an occasion, status or the passing of an event or remembrance.
What an item of jewelry is made of often speaks of it’s origin and complexity simply by adorning the wearer.  A smile of instant gratitude when received as a gift, or cherished and passed on to loved ones for future significance, jewelry is an expression of love, as nothing else is.
When we think about what was given to the King of Kings during the days of His birth, surely we know two thousand years ago the men who were at that time respected and considered by written accounts to be wise, acquiring also the audience of a ruler.. Travelled great distance to not only visit a true King, but to adorn His life with gifts made of jewels.

Jewelry made in Israel comes with a significance going back to ancient times, established as adornment by God Himself, attached with relevance according to His specifications. To this day those specifications hold true regarding what has been written. Surely the gold and silver, jewels, wood and stone, have been ordained by our loving God.

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