Messianic jewelry from Jerusalem –

Declare your understanding of God’s word with our Messianic jewelry from the heart of Israel. Created in the biblical heartland from sterling silver, 14k gold and embedded with Roman glass, diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Every pendant, ring and bracelet shipped to you direct from Jerusalem.

These jewelry pieces present a graphic picture of Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 11. Here he explains to the Gentiles that when they personally give their lives to Jesus, they are ‘grafted in’ to the natural olive tree of Israel and become partakers of all the promises of God. This messianic jewelry is a wonderful reminder of God’s grace to us all!

Revel in the wonder of the Lord with Messianic Jewelry from Israel! These beautiful pieces of jewelry are expertly crafted from sterling silver and 14k gold, and are made right in the Holy Land. The intricate designs and stunning colors make them perfect for any occasion.

With each piece of jewelry, you are declaring your faith in the power of God’s Word. These pieces will remind you of the miracle of love and mercy that God has shown us, and will make you feel closer to Him. Furthermore, these precious pieces are not only a testament to your religious convictions, but also a work of art that you can adore for years to come.

Every piece of Messianic jewelry is shipped directly from Jerusalem to you, so that you can feel connected to the divine. Start your journey of worship and appreciation of God’s wonders by wearing this divine jewelry today!


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Our Messianic Jewelry from Israel is the perfect way to declare your faith and understanding of God’s word. These beautiful pieces are handmade in Israel from sterling silver and 14k gold, and can be enjoyed as a reminder of His grace and love.

Every single pendant, ring, and bracelet has been carefully crafted with the highest of standards, so you can rest assured that you will be wearing the very best. Plus, your order is shipped directly from Jerusalem, ensuring that authenticity is maintained.

With our Messianic jewelry from Israel, you can rest assured that your faith will be beautifully represented with high quality, and heartfelt pieces.