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In recent years there seems to be a growing interest among various groups to discover the meaning of Judaica items.  As the populous learn the way of the Jewish people and understand it’s Biblical importance, they also have a desire to obtain what is possible.  Places of worship all over the world are seeing more and more Judaica pieces in their services. Rams Horn shofars along with Trumpets, Menorahs and Mezuzahs gracing the archway side panels of doors are being seen in places never seen before.
One of the causes of this renewed interest is a better understanding of the people of the Bible. Both Jewish and Christian communities have sparked a more vibrant market.
Until recently, most Judaica was made, marketed and sold to Jewish communities. Now it is common to see Christians using shofars, lighting Menorahs and celebrating Hanukkah.
Judaica items come in many beautiful and artistic varieties of products. Silver polished Ram Horns depicting the city of Jerusalem are popular and favorites among many. Shofars are now being heard all over the world and from the most unlikely places.
Did you know that what used to be a ‘must have’ take home gift for ones personal use from Jerusalem was a walking stick? Now, it is a shofar!
Tallit from Jerusalem is high on the list of many travellers to the Old City. This is a valued article of distinction worn as a practice of recognition and definition among Jews. There is no other city in the world where you can sit down in a coffee shop and see so many tallits swing past your view as you enjoy your cup of coffee. On this list of Judacia items you will see these very same style of tallits offered.
Menorahs are the outspoken lights that remind all of us each year of the Miracle of Lights! You will find a selection of sizes and materials to choose from here. Silver or antique style Menorah’s are most popular. If you have not yet found the Menorah of your choice you are likely to find it on this website.
You are welcome to visit us on your tour of Jerusalem. Our shop is located at 24 Christian Quarter road. We also ship worldwide from the heart of the Holy Land.


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