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Clay oil lamps from Israel –

Buy biblical oil lamps direct from the heart of the Holy Land. Replicas made according to clay lamps of antiquity found on archaeological digs in Israel. Zak’s Jerusalem Gift shop for gifts with meaning shipped to you direct from Jerusalem.

In Matthew 25, Jesus told the parable of the ten virgins. This parable reflects an ancient custom of the day which is still sometimes practiced in rural parts of the Middle East. The bridegroom would parade through the entire village and show his bride to the entire town. They would be showered with gifts and adoration. Once he had done that, he would bring her to his house, where many friends and family would be waiting, and together they would enter the house and feast. The five wise virgins in the parable took extra oil in a vessel along with their lamps. The foolish believed that the oil in their lamps was sufficient and were not prepared for the bridegroom to tarry in His coming.

If He had done as they expected, they would have been prepared, but the message of the parable is to be ready at any moment. As they all dozed, the lamps of the foolish virgins burned out. When they heard the midnight cry, they arose and tried to ready themselves to welcome the bridegroom but were not able. Frantically, they try to beg from the wise virgins who were prepared but are unsuccessful. As they run out to try to purchase some oil, the bridegroom comes and takes everyone who is ready for him into his house to feast. As the foolish virgins frantically beat on the door, he utters perhaps the saddest words in the Bible “I don’t know you.” The parable ends with an admonition to always be watching and ready because we do not know the day nor the hour when the Son of Man will come. He will come, but it will be at a time we do not expect.

The parable is perhaps metaphorical but you can literally follow the example of the wise virgins if you wish. At Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts you can find a wide range of replica oil lamps for yourself or gifts for others. These lamps are finely crafted recreations of oil lamps from the time of Jesus which have been found in archaeological digs throughout the Holy Land. You have many options available, several of which include olive oil from Galilee. As you light your olive oil lamp, you can say: “Even so, come Lord Jesus. I am ready for your return; I am ready to enter your house and feast with you at your marriage supper.”

But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. (Matthew 25:4)

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