Biblical Figures

Olive wood Biblical carvings from the Holy Land –

Hand crafted olive wood biblical figures, statues and sculptures. Jesus washing Peters feet, Jesus and Mary, David the Shepherd statues. Made by Christian family business in Bethlehem.

At Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts you can find many biblical figures made out of olive wood right from Bethlehem. These olive wood figures are hand carved by Christians in the Middle East. Each figurine, sculpture, and ornament depicts a scene from the bible and transports the viewer to that time and place. Select ‘Jesus during the Last Supper’ and view the detailed carving on the face of each disciple present during Jesus’ final meal and message with his beloved disciples. Or select the olive wood figurine of ‘Jesus washing the feet of his disciples’, showing his love for them to the end and commanding them to love in the same way. You could also select olive wood ornaments showing the birth of Jesus, with Joseph and Mary kneeling next to the baby Jesus.

Each of these hand carved figurines tells a story, and more importantly, a message of God’s love to the world and people that he created. Select one of these olive wood carvings that speaks to you and helps remind you of God’s truth during these uncertain times. May the word and love of God flow in and through you so that you may be his redemptive agents in a cold and dark world. May these carvings from the Holy Land be an encouragement and reminder to you so that you may be filled with the light of Jesus to go out and make a difference in your own circle of influence in the world.

You are welcome to visit us on your tour of Jerusalem. Our shop is located at 24 Christian Quarter road. We also ship worldwide from the heart of the Holy Land.


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These Olive Wood carvings of Biblical Figures are spectacular pieces of religious art. Hand-crafted using traditional techniques, the carvings are both a devotion to faith and a beautiful addition to your home. Every detail in these pieces is masterfully crafted, from the intricate facial expressions to the delicate white robes of the figures. It is a magnificent tribute to the Biblical figures, and a stunning representation of the religious iconography of the land of the Bible.

The high-quality olive wood used in the carving is a symbol of peace and prosperity, closely associated with the holy land. With its rich coloration and smooth grain, this carving is a luxurious statement of faith in your home. Bring the spirit of the Bible to your living space with this beautiful piece of art that is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

If you’re looking for an exquisite piece of religious art that offers a unique and meaningful representation of faith, then look no further than this Olive Wood carving of Biblical Figures – made in Israel. It’s a fabulous way to commemorate your spirituality and show your devotion to the holy land.