Roman glass jewelry from Israel –

Our ancient Roman glass jewelry is created with authentic glass from the time of Jesus. This beautiful glass was created by the Romans in the Holy Land 2000 years ago. Now made into exquisite pieces by our jewelry designer in Jerusalem, designs that radiate their unique patina. Comes with a certificate of Authenticity from ‘Zak’s Licensed Antiquities Dealer’.

When one thinks of the Romans in Biblical time, dominion, tyranny, rulers with an iron fist, taxation, and other uncomplimentary characteristics come to mind. From the beginning, the Romans felt threatened by the promise of this Messiah, and their mission was to kill him from birth.

Ironically, Roman’s domination of the Israelites was all a part of God’s master plan, and we see where God used the Roman Empire to prepare the way for the Messiah. As Jesus went throughout, gathering crowds, healing, revolutionizing the worship system, and interpreting the scriptures, this riled up the religious leaders. The Jews collaborated with the Romans who crucified Christ hoping to put an end to “The King of the Jews.” However, He was raised from the dead and sparked an unstoppable religious revolution dubbed Christianity which flourished despite persecution, and opposition.

In Revelation 4:6, we see a beautiful description from John’s vision,” Also in front of the throne there was what looked like a sea of glass, clear as crystal.” Throughout the Bible, references are made to the New Jerusalem and the sea of glass that will be home to Christians who remain faithful.

Therefore, it is only fitting that Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts blends a piece of history and a part of the promised future in a wide range of Roman glass pendants. Our glass material is taken exclusively from archaeological ruins in Israel, glass honed over 2000 years in the elements, but like Christianity, it emerges as even more beautiful post resistance.

We take a beautiful piece of the Holy Land and design glass jewelry, including Roman glass necklaces and earrings. Each piece of jewelry is unique and represents a piece of Biblical history merged with a promised beauty, signifying resilience and “beauty from ashes.” Connect with Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts to get your symbolic piece of Roman glass.

You are welcome to visit us on your tour of Jerusalem. Our shop is located at 24 Christian Quarter road. We also ship worldwide from the heart of the Holy Land.