Scripture scarves from Jerusalem –

Scarves with a message from God. We have a scripture scarf that speaks personally to every heart. The word of God in reflective text along with various biblical symbols and prayers.

When one thinks of witnessing and sharing God’s Word with others, one usually thinks of tracts, books, bible study guides, televangelism, sharing bible verses via social media, and even the basic face-to-face interaction. One would definitely not add scarves to that list. After all, a scarf is what you add to your outfit to give it an extra flair or the ideal headwrap for a trip to the store or a social arrangement.  However, Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts, which specializes in the unique and creative, brings you a stunning collection of beautiful scripture scarves that add style to your favorite outfit while serving as a conversation starter with their inspiring scriptures and biblical motifs. Available in a wide range of colors, these soft, smooth, and lightweight scripture scarves are just what you need as a phenomenal Christian woman.

Browse our Ten Commandments in Hebrew Scripture scarves with the Holy Law written in Hebrew and English in gold foil against the soft material, ready to be draped around your neck, hair, waist, or even as a bow on your handbag.

“You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your heart and your soul, and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. (Deuteronomy 11:18)

What better way to testify of your allegiance to the Holy One by wearing one of our exquisite scripture scarves. It’s a perfect way to witness and spread the gospel while looking absolutely fabulous and chic.

And by this, we know that we have come to know him if we keep his commandments.  ( 1 John 2:3)

Choose from our versatile collection of I Am My Beloved’s – Ani LeDodi – Hebrew Scripture Scarf, as proclaimed by the renowned King Solomon or the ‘Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem’ command or the mesmerizing “Seven Species” Scripture Scarf for Christian Women. All of these and much more are available, incorporating a nice variety of colors with dazzling text and gold foil symbols. These scarves speak directly to your heart and the hearts of those with whom you have contact.

We know that scarves hold a special place among women’s accessories because of their functionality and versatility. Whether you are looking for something silky soft, and lightweight for yourself or the perfect gift for the special women in your life, Zak’s has options for you. Every woman knows that the secret to different looks, even while wearing that favorite outfit, lies in adding that meaningful accessory.  These scripture scarves help you spruce up that favorite outfit but also inspire you, the wearer, and those passing admirers who see your scarf as you go about your daily business.

Made by local artisans in the Holy Land, from soft, lightweight, and durable materials, these scarves are perfect souvenirs that will last as long as the appreciation of the recipient. These excellent works of art are just what you need to add to your statement collection or to gift your wife, mother, sister, aunt, or female friend on a  special occasion. Ideal for weddings, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, or anniversaries, these scripture scarves serve as a  necktie, waistband, wrist bow, or a headscarf when you are having a bad hair day or just want to look undeniably stunning.

Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts is happy to present this breathtaking collection of inspirational scripture scarves from which you are guaranteed to find something that suits your style. Add some life to that monochromatic outfit and optimize your opportunities for witnessing and sharing. Invest in these stunning scarves that make meaningful gifts for yourself or others,  gifts that will be truly appreciated and treasured by the recipient for a long time.


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The Biblical Scripture Scarves from Jerusalem are more than just a scarf – they're a message from God. Crafted with care, each one is adorned with rich colors and a plethora of symbols and prayers that have been personally chosen to carry important and relevant biblical scriptures. Whether worn as a fashion statement or a reminder of faith, this stylish Christian Scarf Shop piece is sure to capture the eye of onlookers.

As the wind catches it, the reflective text of the scriptures and prayers flow, creating an enchanting feel that will surely bring strength and joy to the soul. Each Biblical Scripture Scarf is a unique way to proclaim your faith, providing a sharp reminder of the word of God and making it a part of your daily life.