What clothing did Jesus wear?

What clothing did Jesus wear?

As a Jew who came from very humble beginnings, Jesus wore what everyone else wore. When we look at the dress code of the ministers and evangelists of this time, the most expensive and sophisticated brand of suits and tie, it is a bit difficult to reconcile this with the fact, that Jesus, the Master Teacher and Healing Evangelist, wore but a simple tunic as did his disciples.

As the Son of God, one would have expected him to wear angelic clothes or at least something flashy that would separate him from the others, but based on scripture he looked so much like the disciples that Judas had to kiss him so that the soldiers could identify him for arrest and crucifixion.

This means that he would have been wearing the customary tunic and sandals and maybe a coat depending on the climate. The Bible does mention that before his crucifixion the soldiers did put a purple robe on him, as a mockery of his declaration that he was the King of Kings, as purple is deemed the colour of royalty.

It is therefore evident that Jesus wore no such thing during his ministry, otherwise, this purple robe given to him by Pilate would not have accomplished anything.

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