Christian Home Decoration

Christian Home Decoration

Christians believe that the scripture that advises that they should let their light so shine before men is applicable to all aspects of their life, including home décor. As such, Christians are normally deliberate in ensuring that the different aspects of their décor speak to their faith as much as possible since this can serve as a strategic conversation starter in the witnessing process. 

Most Christian homes may display a cross or crucifix of some form, if not at the entrance of the house, maybe hanging on a wall or sitting on an entrance or prayer table. Similarly, it is common to see scriptural wall hangings and plaques with memorable bible verses and scriptural references.

It is also not unusual to see wooden carvings of spiritual reference or even the Ten Commandments on wood, decorative stone, or even canvas. Some Christian homes will definitely feature scripture-based pottery or kitchenware, which can double as both functional and decorative.

For example, some may choose an Armenian ceramic serving bowl that serves as a scripture-inspired centerpiece on most days but as a serving bowl when necessary. Christians are always happy to decorate their homes with the Word of God in whatever shape or form.

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