What is the Ark of the Covenant?

What is the Ark of the Covenant?

According to scripture, the Ark of the Covenant is an ornate chest – made from acacia wood and covered in gold, with a lid cover, that housed the two tables of the Law given to Moses by God at Mount Sinai.

The Ark of the Covenant is also known as the Ark of the Testimony and it was carried by the Levites (priestly functionaries) during the Hebrews sojourn in the wilderness. It was an awesome reminder of God’s presence with them and only those who were ordained for the purpose (Levites) were able to touch it and live.

The Ark rested in the Holy of Holies inside the Tabernacle of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem and was only seen by the High Priest of the Israelites on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Hebrews 9:4 states that the Ark contained “the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded, and the tablets of the covenant.”

The Ark was the holiest place in the ancient Temple and the focal point of prayer. The Day of Atonement was the one day per year that a man, the High Priest, was allowed to stand before the Ark of the Covenant in the Most Holy Place, where he would sprinkle the blood on the Ark and eventually on the other furnishings as a symbol of the repentance of the people for the sins of the previous year.

It contained the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments. However, its current whereabouts are unknown, and there is much speculation and debate surrounding its existence and location.

The Ark of the Covenant symbolizes the covenant between God and his people and is believed to contain the Ten Commandments. The Ark is a wooden box, with a lid referred to as the ‘Mercy Seat’, which is decorated with gold and precious jewels. Inside is believed to be the tablets with the Ten Commandments written upon them, and the rod of Aaron and a pot of manna.

This sacred relic is considered to be the holiest of holies, and is seen as a sign of God’s presence. It is believed that the Ark was made on Mount Sinai, as instructed by God. It is also believed that when Moses descended from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, the Ark was present, and that it accompanied the Israelites during the Exodus.

In Jewish tradition, the Ark of the Covenant is one of the most revered and important artifacts. It is believed to be the most sacred object, and only those of the highest authority, the high priest, were allowed to see it. It is said that the presence of the Ark was a sign of God’s spirit inhabiting the Tabernacle.

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