Wooden nativity for your grandchildren

Wooden nativity for your grandchildren

In the vicinity of the Church of the Nativity, you can find hundreds of Christian artisans carving olive wood into beautiful nativity scenes. Olive wood cribs are entirely handmade by artisans of the Holy Land according to traditional techniques, so that each crib is unique, thanks to the olive wood, which gives it always different shades and colors.

Most of these businesses are family-owned, both by Christian families who have been carving these figurines in wood for several centuries. The Bethlehem region has long been synonymous with olive wood carving, but this industry really began to flourish in the late 19th century.

These Christian artisans who have joined in recent times, are well known for their intricately crafted carvings and the various Nativity scenes they create. Both for their elaborate design and for their tonality and vetting, as well as the fact that they are made from olive wood (an emblematic tree in Israel), these figurines are unique and special for the occasion.

An excellent gift for children and grandchildren who will be fascinated to have a nativity scene at home during the Christmas holidays.

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