What does the Bible say about clothing?

What does the Bible say about clothing?

A very popularly mentioned item of clothing in the Bible is sandals. These were the footwear of the day, and whether it was Jesus, his disciples, Moses or Abraham, we read of several references to sandals.

From the scriptures, we understand that sandals added to the completion of one’s dress. As we read the story of the Prodigal Son, we see that upon his return, his father not only welcomed him with open arms but also outlined the garments that should be placed on him, from the very best robe to the sandals on his feet and the ring on his hand.

As the Israelites journeyed throughout the wilderness for forty years, we read in awe in Deuteronomy as God preserved them so that their garments and their sandals did not wear out.

Considering all the walking that they did, this could have only happened through divine providence. From different accounts, we also understand that bags were very important for transporting personal or commercial items.

We smile as we visualize David picking a smooth pebble from his small bag for the slaying of Goliath or the little boy, taking his lunch from his bag to feed the multitudes.

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