What do you buy a person of faith?

What do you buy a person of faith?

Persons of faith may include Pastors and their wives (Shepherdesses), Bible Teachers, Elders, Deacons, and Deaconesses, persons with specific roles in the church, which normally entails some teaching and ministry. That being said, it means that ideal gifts for a person of faith should have some spiritual significance. 

One of the first gifts that come to mind for a person of faith is the Word of God, the Bible; you can never go wrong by gifting a person of faith with the Holy Bible, in their own language and better yet, even personalized with their name or other details. 

Another gift that is bound to be appreciated is “Ten Commandments” wall hangings, plaques, or sculptures. David declared that he had hidden God’s Words in his heart so that he would not sin against him and this gift is a lovely reminder of the call to obedience. 

Then there are wooden and ceramic replicas of spiritual symbolism, including crosses, décor sets, motifs from Bible stories, and other Biblical references.  

Finally, other gifts for persons of faith can include incense and holy oils or even Christian candles, which will bring the focus of the recipient to God and his love.

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