Wedding gifts from Jerusalem

Wedding gifts from Jerusalem

In Israel as well as in other countries around the globe, the celebration of a wedding carries strong meanings in a spiritual, familial and social sense. A wedding today is filled with both ancient tradition and rituals, as well as modern cultural elements. When attending a wedding, be careful to always bring a gift that reflects the couple's faith and helps them begin their new lives together.

For a couple who wish to share the rest of their lives together, it may be appropriate to give items with which they can celebrate all the Biblical holy days. A seder plate as a wedding gift will be appropriate for them to celebrate their first Passover together. If you want their home to be blessed, you can give a mezuzah to be placed on each door frame of each door of the new home where they will reside.

We recommend a gift of our Lord's Supper set to maintain the couple's relationship in Jesus. Or as a symbol of love, we have a great range of 'Ani LeDodi' (I am my beloved's) gifts.

If you love lamps, you can give them a replica of the Menorah of the Temple of Jerusalem, richly ornamented with which they can decorate and illuminate the room of their home, a constant reminder of Jesus, Light of the world.

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