Wedding gifts from Jerusalem

Wedding gifts from Jerusalem

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gift, you can’t go wrong with something from Jerusalem. This ancient, holy city has for centuries been a symbol of love, faith, and history, and now you can bring a piece of it into your home with these unique wedding gifts from Jerusalem.

Start with a set of handmade ceramic dishes decorated with the biblical themes. This traditional Middle Eastern design will be a reminder of the romance and legacy of Jerusalem every time your friends and family sit down to dinner. Or you could pick up a beautiful, hand-painted challah board that features a colorful view of the old city with its storied mosaic streets.

If you’re looking for something more personal, why not put together a collection of olive wood carvings featuring the long history of Jerusalem? A leather-bound, hand-tooled Bible is a particularly striking present. Or perhaps consider a Jewish prayer shawl, which reminds us daily of the peace and protection offered by Jesus when we come together in Him.

These are just a few ideas of the special, meaningful gifts you can share with the happy couple on this special day. Whether you’re searching for something traditional or more modern, there’s something for everyone in the gorgeous, meaningful gift selection from Jerusalem.

In Israel as well as in other countries around the globe, the celebration of a wedding carries strong meanings in a spiritual, familial and social sense. A wedding today is filled with both ancient tradition and rituals, as well as modern cultural elements. When attending a wedding, be careful to always bring a gift that reflects the couple’s faith and helps them begin their new lives together.

For a couple who wish to share the rest of their lives together, it may be appropriate to give items with which they can celebrate all the Biblical holy days. A seder plate as a wedding gift will be appropriate for them to celebrate their first Passover together. If you want their home to be blessed, you can give a mezuzah to be placed on each door frame of each door of the new home where they will reside.

We recommend a gift of our Lord’s Supper set to maintain the couple’s relationship in Jesus. Or as a symbol of love, we have a great range of ‘Ani LeDodi’ (I am my beloved’s) gifts.

If you love lamps, you can give them a replica of the Menorah of the Temple of Jerusalem, richly ornamented with which they can decorate and illuminate the room of their home, a constant reminder of Jesus, Light of the world.

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