Gifts of Faith from Jerusalem

Gifts of Faith from Jerusalem

While Jerusalem is known for a plethora of gifts and souvenirs, one of the city's charm is its connection with Jesus, with it being the location of His ministry. With this being said, faith-based gifts are even more symbolic when purchased from the Holy Land. 

One such popular gift is the olive wood crosses. Of course, the cross serves as a reminder of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice to save mankind, making them beautiful gifts of faith, and the fact that they are made from olive wood, taken from trees that Jesus possibly sat under, makes it a double blessing. 

Then, there is scripture jewelry, handcrafted by local Christian artisans, using symbolic stones like the Solomon Stone (national stone of Israel) or featuring ancient temple coins. 

Other gifts of faith include the scripture scarves, which are stunning in different colors, flaunting God's word in reflective texts, and the prayer shawl with one scripture per Tzitzit, hanging from each corner.

Jesus sandals are a sure way to remind recipients to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and to walk in his will. Finally, other faith gifts include incense and burners, religious candles, and anointing oil.

All these gifts of faith and more can be bought from Jerusalem, the Holy Land.

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