Gifts from Israel unfolding Biblical truth

Gifts from Israel unfolding Biblical truth

Israel is the biblical country also popularly known as the Holy Land, with its capital, Jerusalem, known as the Holy City. Undoubtedly, most souvenirs and gifts are created around this fact and are highly symbolic for believers. Therefore, most gifts from Israel have a Biblical connection, but there are some that are more likely to unfold Biblical truths than others.

One such gift is the Holy Bible. This is the foundation of all Biblical truths, and this can be purchased from Israel. Secondly, several Bible Study tools can be very useful for Pastors and Bible teachers as they educate others about Biblical truths.

These include The Ten Commandments wall hangings or standing plaques that remind believers of the Ten Laws, written by God’s own fingers, which will be the law used in the judgment in the last days.

Other such teaching tools consist of DIY kits, which allow one to reconstruct Biblical artifacts like the Ark of the Covenant and the Jewish temple, as Bible teachers bring to bear that modern significance and lessons learned.

Then some simple engravings and carvings pay tribute to popular bible stories like Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of his son, Isaac, or the captivating story of the spies sent to the “Promised Land.”

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