Gifts for the Christian woman

Gifts for the Christian woman

A Christian woman is still first and foremost a woman, so she will love the regular gifts of handbags, jewelry, body care products, and home décor items. However, the fact that she is a Christian gives you opportunity to take things up a notch with personalized and more meaningful gifts.

As such, you can just buy a random handbag, but I can assure you that a leather handbag, hand-made and designed by local artisans in Jerusalem will more likely win her heart.

Don’t just get her personalized jewellery, think scripture jewellery. A beautiful necklace or bracelet featuring “King Solomon’s Stone” may resonate with her even more than diamonds could, because it speaks to her faith.

A Christian woman will smile at a Ten Commandments Wall Hanging or a personalized Bible. She will love you for that stunning “God Bless Our Home” olive wood standing cross that sits perfectly on her entrance table or hangs flush against the parlour wall.

Don’t forget the Armenian ceramic bowls that tell a Biblical story with its range of artistic motifs and phrases. Tie these all together in a beautiful package with a soft, smooth, scripture scarf that allows her to wear her faith, while holding her hair together or accentuating her wrist, waist or handbag.

For the Christian woman, these gifts speak volumes.

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