Gifts for a Bible Student

Gifts for a Bible Student

Let us begin with the obvious. A Bible student needs a Bible or several Bibles for that matter. For example, a Bible written in both Hebrew and English will make a beautiful gift for one who really wants to study God’s Word.

A personalized gift means a lot, so if there is the opportunity to add their name or an encouraging thought, then go right ahead. Bible students will also appreciate different translations of the Bible for cross-referencing. Others will appreciate religious plaques and wall hangings that feature the Lord’s Prayer or Ten Commandments, which can serve as reminders of their faith or display their faith for others to see.

A prayer journal with accompanying engraved pens and non-drip highlighters is also a thoughtful gift package or a Bible student. Journaling can help to deepen their relationship with God and highlighters is a definite for all students.

Once you have gotten the Bible as a gift, you can now expand to Biblical items that a student can definitely relate.

Choose from a range of religious items like a DIY temple kit, or a pair of Jesus sandals or even scripture jewellery which are personal enough to be very meaningful for a friend, but also supportive of their Biblical studies and their faith.

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