Exclusive Women’s Gifts from Jerusalem

Exclusive Women’s Gifts from Jerusalem

Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to get exclusive women’s gifts from Jerusalem without ever visiting the Holy Land. Yes, there are a wide range of exquisite and exclusive gifts from the Holy Land. 

Firstly, let’s begin with the Dead Sea cosmetics. With the Dead Sea being located in Israel is goes without saying that the most authentic oils, soaps, crème and lotions that purport to have Dead Dea minerals must be made in Jerusalem. 

Then there are olive wood crosses and other wooden plaques, photo frames, and designs that may even be made from olive trees that were around during Jesus’ time. In addition, the jewelry which contains ancient coins or the national eliat (Solomon) stone make lovely gifts, with the coins being taken from archeological digs in Jerusalem while the Solomon stone is rumored to have come straight from Solomon mines.  Let us not forget the beautiful scripture scarves bound to add that extra touch to her already fabiulous outfit. Finally, there are Holy Land souvenir sets with authentic holy water, incense, and soil straight from Jerusalem. These are just a few of the exclusive women’s gifts that come from the Holy Land.

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