Dedication gifts for women

Dedication gifts for women

Dedication gifts for women can range from symbolic to sentimental to practical. Women are more emotional than men, so they are more likely to associate memories and meanings to gifts. As such, ideal dedication gifts can come from the Holy Land.

Just the fact that this token is geographically linked to Jerusalem, the land where Jesus lived and walked, will resonate with your female recipients in honour of their step towards Dedication.

These gifts may be personal items like a stunning piece of scripture jewelry or even scripture scarves. These options will allow them to wear the Word of God as a testament to their faith.

You can then find suitable dedication gifts among the wooden options- a lovely olive wood standing cross for her desk or entrance table, a Ten Commandments wall hanging for her home or office or a sturdy, artistically designed, olive wood keepsake box; these are all lovely dedication gifts.

You can always get her a personalized Bible, as encouragement to keep studying the words of God.

Finally, you can top out your dedication gifts for women with some religious candles and any item from the health and beauty section of any store, including perfumes and other body products, nicely packaged. It’s a win-win.

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