Christmas gifts from the place of Jesus’ birth

Christmas gifts from the place of Jesus’ birth

Every Christmas season, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and other cities in Israel are filled with Christmas decorations, figurines, engravings and other utensils made of olive wood, whose beauty, uniqueness and grain seem to recall the event that forever changed the history of mankind.

Nothing better than going to the Holy Land to look for a gift in olive wood that can represent or recall the birth of the Savior of humanity. Especially in Bethlehem, near the Church of the Nativity, is usually full of stores and vendors offering a variety of unique gifts. All made of olive wood and designed for all ages, regardless of tastes and creeds, from the most demanding to the little ones at home and also for families who have not yet had children.

The carved pieces enhance the Christmas crib at home and also give a colorful and unique touch for its amalgam of colors and designs so colorful and expressive.

There is nothing better than having a nativity scene made of olive wood, national symbol of the same land where Christ was born and also that gives more meaning to this celebration at home. Undoubtedly, it will be a very appreciated gift among those who acquire it or give it to others.

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