Can anyone anoint with oil?

Can anyone anoint with oil?

A common question for a believer to ask is who can anoint with oil? Is it reserved for a special group, or is anointing open to anyone?

In the Hebrew Bible, anointing with oil set apart three groups of people: prophets, priests and kings. Throughout the Hebrew Bible, we see these three groups of people anointing with oil. Of these three groups, most of the anointing was done by priests.

In the Christian Bible, we see that Christ has made us to be like Him. He is our prophet, our priest, and our King. In the book of Revelation (1:5-6) we read that Yeshua as King of Kings has washed us in His blood and has made us to be kings and priests.

As kings, but especially as priests, a simple believer in Yeshua is able to anoint with oil. In the New Covenant of His blood we have been given this authority by Yeshua Himself.

The best example of this truth comes from the New Testament itself. Mary, in repentance and belief, approached Yeshua and anointed Him with precious ointment. Instead of rebuking her for stepping into the office of an Old Testament priest or prophet, Yeshua commended her faith. He said that what she did would be spoken of wherever in the world the Gospel would be preached.

So, Christian, as a believer in our Messiah, you can anoint with oil and pray for people in full confidence that Yeshua smiles on your actions.

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