Are the ancient coins authentic?

Are the ancient coins authentic?

Ancient coins can be some of the oldest and most beautiful souvenirs, featuring some of the most stunning and intricate designs seen on coinage. Ancient coins are really miniature works of art and depict true antiquity.

Ancient coins originating from Jerusalem were major currencies through different time periods stretching across eras to encompass Greek, Roman, New Testament, Byzantine and even the Crusader period.

Some of these coins were originally minted in Jerusalem, while others were brought there, but these coins were all used in the Holy land and this testifies of their authenticity.

Such coins were also valued based on their materials, in that the bronze coin was of even lesser value than silver coins, and silver coins of lesser value than gold ones. Whether it was being used to pay for goods or services, pay taxes or offerings, pay wages or given as gifts, ancient coins was the bane of the economic industry and to date, these coins are even more valuable based on their history. This adds to their authenticity. 

All the ancient coins are taken from archaeological digs and certified by the Israel Antiquities Authorities (JAA) as a final stamp of approval that shows that ancient coins are indeed authentic.

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