I was ‘touching’ God’s story with humanity

I was ‘touching’ God’s story with humanity

“Is this really happening?” I thought. 

Looking down into my hands, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was holding a coin that Jesus specifically taught about. This hand-stamped copper disk held two thousand years like a time capsule…and I was staring right at it! 

Set in stunning silver, I knew my Mom would love it. She loves simple and elegant jewelry. It was so small – made of bronze, but polished so well.


But I still couldn’t get over it – the Bible was alive, and I held a small sample of it in my hands. This Widow’s Mite was truly beautiful. I loved the design – a Lily – the symbol of Jerusalem. Apparently, this was just one design from all the coins that the Hasmonean kings minted. It was their way of advertising their leadership; a perfect propaganda tool that helps archaeologists determine the timeline of history.

I began to wonder, “Is this what the Bible feels like?”

Later that day, I bought two. I wanted to match my Mom – and it was special for the two of us. I saved them until I gave her one for her birthday. She was amazed. Tearing up, she asked me about the coin jewelry she held in her hands. I told her about the coin’s history, and how it was a literal representation from one of Jesus’ parables (Mark 12:41-44, Luke 21:1-4). She wears it constantly…and I know that my gift was honestly meaningful.

That day I had the chance to share a piece of the Biblical world with my Mom, who means the world to me.

Over the past few years I’ve been privileged to study the Bible in Israel, where everything happened. It’s been very rewarding. I’ve made friends with shopkeepers and visit them during my downtime. Every time I visit Zak at his Jerusalem Gifts shop I see artifacts from the First Century: pottery, ancient coins, Roman Glass jewelry…I’m even surprised to find something new each time I’m there!

Today when I visited Zak, he offered me tea and we got to talking. The tea is always good and fun conversations are always flowing. He knows so much about coins! We love geeking out over them. He takes every chance to talk about the artifacts and where they fit in the Biblical story. I know we’ll be talking about the Bible for years to come, sipping on mint tea and marveling at God’s story with humanity.

March 4, 2020

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