Online shopping from Jerusalem is always a blessing

Online shopping from Jerusalem is always a blessing

Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts, located in the heart of the Old City on Christian Quarter Road, is perfect store to get anyone you love a gift. The store is a short walk from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. There are gifts to meet the needs of anyone. Zak is also knowledgeable in anything related to his store and Jerusalem. There are gifts for people is they enjoy anything ancient Israel or modern day. Zak’s shop is wall to wall with artifacts and gifts. He has anything from coins to olive wood.

'Eshet Chayil' Hebrew Scripture in 24k on Onyx Wheel
‘Eshet Chayil’ Hebrew Scripture in 24k on Onyx Wheel
If you are a person that collects ancient coins this is the shop for you. If you enjoy ancient pottery Zak has you covered. If you are looking for jewelry Zak has it. If you are looking for olive wood products, there are plenty of styles to choose from. If you are not sure what you want Zak will help you find something. Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts is also located online if you are unable to make it to the Old City. He also has the ability to ship around the globe if you do not have the room for gifts.

The quaint shop is a perfect store for anyone visiting the Holy Land and needing a gift. You can feel welcomed the second you walk in the door. You can know that you will be taken care of. Zak has a love for people just stopping in and being able to talk life. So stop in Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts or browse our online store.

One style of item that can be purchased at Zak’s are olive wood products. Why would someone want olive wood products? One important part of olive wood is how prevalent the trees are around the land. These are the kind of trees that Jesus would have seen around Jerusalem. The mount of Olives got its name because the olives trees that covered it. Today there are still olive trees all over Jerusalem.

Olive wood gifts are handmade in Israel from local olive trees. At Zak’s you can find the perfect style of olive wood that you are looking for. There are olive wood crosses in many different sizes. There are even different styles of crosses to choose from including the Jerusalem cross. You can also purchase olive wood nativity sets. A perfect way to remember Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus. These nativity sets have intricate detail that were all carved out by hand. These are the perfect gift ideas for a loved one back home. All these olive wood products come small enough and light enough that you can pack them away while traveling back home.

Olive wood is also a strong wood that will hold up over time. These are the kind of gifts that a person can hang up on the wall or keep on their desk. These lead to conversations about the gift. People will ask about the back story. These are also the kind of gifts that will be able to be passed down to family members. These are also the perfect gift for kids. With the nativity scenes you can see the different animals that were around the stables. Children will love to see these pieces not just during Christmas time but year-round. Olive wood gifts are one of the perfect ideas for something to bring back home and Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts is the place to pick up your design.

Another popular item that can be purchased at Zak’s is anointing oil. This is a popular item for people to purchase because of the Biblical connections. This is a very common tradition of anointing people with oil. It was very common to anoint a person’s head with oil. We see Jesus criticize his disciples for not anointing his head while a sinful woman was anointing his feet and worshiping him. There was also the use of anointing oil used for the sick. Anointing oil is another locally produced item that is a perfect gift for family and friends back home. It is anther product that is small and light and has the ability to be transported. Most anointing oils are produced from olive oil. There are massive olive crops every fall around the land of Israel and one of the products from the olives is olive oil. There are different kinds of anointing oil depending on the style of anointing taking place for purification, healing, or other tasks. These different oils have different combinations of ingredients. This is a tradition that is passed down from the early days of biblical Israel. Small bottle of anointing oil will be a great conversation piece for people back home. They will be able ask questions as to how the product was made, where it was made, and what were the purposes for the product. Having a bottle of anointing oil allows a person the opportunity to share stories throughout the Bible where anointing oil was used. It is the ability for a person to bring a tradition from the land back home. This is a perfect teaching tool for children back home. You can share the Bible stories with the young. People will not have the ability to see what the oil would have looked like. They can feel what the oil would have felt like when being anointed. The stories become real to those back home. The perfect place to find anointing oil is Zak’s. Here you can even learn more about the tradition of why anointing oil is important and why it was used. You can also get the perfect sized bottle for those people back home.

Other kids of objects that can be purchased at Zak’s are Biblical antiquities. There are a lot of different products under this title. One item that is a popular by are ancient coins. Zak’s shop has you covered when it comes to coins. There are coins dating back to the beginning of coin making all the way up through time. You can find coins from the time when Rome was is the land to also the Assyrians.

Coins are a gift that people like to collect and show off. You can purchase a coin that is like the one of widow’s mite. This is a coin that you can show people back home and give connection to Bible times. When people ask what that coin would have looked like you can now show them. With Biblical coins you are able to show people not only what they would have looked like but the process of making the coins. They were made by hand and they all have their differences. You have the ability to show people the detail in the coins. Coins are another item that can be passed down to family members and is a perfect way to remember Israel.

There are also other Biblical antiquities that you can purchase from Zak’s, such as pottery. There are a large number of different kinds of pottery from jars to lamps. You can get a small lamp that would have lit a house in the times of the Bible. You can purchase jars that would have help anointing oil. There are a number of different products that you can purchase that tell a story from ancient times. The important thing to know when it comes to buying Biblical antiquities from Zak’s is that you are getting a genuine product. There are countless people who are trying to sell you fake products and try to take your money. Zak has genuine products that date all the way back to Biblical times. You can feel safe that you are getting a real coin or real pottery.

Another fancy product that you can purchase from Zak’s is Jewelry. There are a number of different jewelry items that you can purchase. You can purchase earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and others. One popular style of product that can be purchased is a cross. There are cross necklaces or earrings. There are also different style crosses that you can choose from including the Jerusalem cross. You can also choose different color crosses depending on your preference and what you like to wear. These are popular items because it is a way to show your faith and to remember the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

Another piece of jewelry that is popular to wear is Roman glass. Roman class is beautiful in color and can be incorporated into necklaces and earrings. There is the subtle color of the Roman glass that makes it sparkle. The Roman glass can be mixed in with crosses or other objects. It gives your piece of jewelry an ancient piece of history that you can wear around. You now have the ability to tell a story with your jewelry that dates back to the time of Christ.

There are other jewelry products that you can choose from like Messianic items. These are items that incorporate the Star of David. These you can also get with Roman glass. There are also Messianic products that have a combination of the Star of David, the Menorah, and the fish. All these products are crafted in Israel and are the perfect gift for a loved one. These are ways to wear your time in Israel for years to come. You can remember your time in the Holy Land every time you look at your wrist or feel your ears. Jewelry also has the ability to be customized. You should wear something that is different, something that is unique to you. At Zak’s you can pick out a piece that says you are special.

October 9, 2020

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