The Draw to Jerusalem

The Draw to Jerusalem

The Holy Land has been a destination site for Christians dating back to the time of the early church. Believers throughout the centuries have made their way to Jerusalem. They have walked the streets of the Old City. But why would they do this? What is the draw to Jerusalem? The answer for some people is rather easy, Jesus, that’s why.

Pilgrims to JerusalemPeople are drawn to Jerusalem to walk where Jesus has walked. Christians want to walk the footsteps of Jesus. They want to be in the land where Jesus lived and died. Christians want to walk from the Mount of Olives into the Old City like Jesus would have done on his triumphal entry into the city. People want to take in the view from the Mount of Olives and see what the view would have looked like for Jesus to look at this great city. They want to stop on their way into Jerusalem and see where Jesus would have prayed on the night he was betrayed.

While in the city Christians want to see the locations where Jesus walked and taught. They also want to experience Jesus’ final hours. They want to walk the Via Dolorosa where Jesus made his way to the cross. People want to take in the Church of the resurrection and experience where Jesus was not just crucified but rose again.

The draw of Jerusalem is also being able to put the words of the Bible into context. Christians will be able to see what the land looks like. They see how massive the Temple would have been. They can feel, with their feet, the ups and downs of the city. They are able to feel the going up to Jerusalem that is referenced throughout scripture.

Christians can experience walking up the southern steps, where Jesus would have walked. People are also able to take in the smells of the Old City markets. They can take in the sounds of the busyness of the city. They can hear the prayers of people around the Temple Mount. With a trip to Jerusalem Christians are putting a new reality to their Bible reading. They are now seeing this city that has meant so much to Christianity for centuries.

Jerusalem - God's Holy City

So, why make a trip to Jerusalem? A trip to Jerusalem is not just a vacation. It is not a place to just relax poolside. A trip to Jerusalem, for a Christian, is to deepen their reading of the scriptures. It is also to deepen their faith. Jerusalem helps make the Bible come to life. Jerusalem is a life changing city. When you experience the Holy Land you will not be the same. One visit to Jerusalem will lead to another and a love for the city.

February 20, 2020

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