Armenian Ceramic Pomegranate – Made in Israel – 2″

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Authentic 2″ Armenian Ceramic Pomegranate – Hand Painted, Lead-Free Decor Made in Israel

Made by a Christian Armenian family in Jerusalem, it echoes the design believed to have inspired King Solomon’s crown.

● Size: 2″ inch / 5 cm high.
● Model: Red Pomegranate.
● Armenian Ceramic.
● Made in Israel.
● Lead free.

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A gift from Jerusalem is always a blessing

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This Armenian Ceramic Pomegranate, crafted in Israel, is a 2-inch high, hand-painted decorative piece that embodies rich cultural and religious significance.

As a symbol prominent in Judaism and representing the Torah’s 613 commandments, this red pomegranate model is not only a beautiful addition to home decor but also holds historical and spiritual value.

This lead-free ceramic artifact is a meaningful representation of the Holy Land’s seven species and a testament to ancient traditions. Perfect for Rosh Hashana or as a thoughtful gift, it brings a piece of Jerusalem’s heritage into your home.

In archaeological excavations near the Temple Mount, small bronze pomegranates were found that were used as the tips of the staffs that priests used in the temple. It is also a Jewish tradition that the pomegranate represents the Torah and has 613 seeds inside to represent the 613 commandments in the Pentateuch.

“I would lead you and bring you Into the house of my mother, who used to instruct me; I would give you spiced wine to drink from the juice of my pomegranates.
(Song of Solomon 8:2)

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