Roman Glass 'Pomegranate' with Seeds Jewelry Set from Israel

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Authentic Roman glass Pomegranate pendant and earrings set in sterling silver with seeds.

● Total weight: 8.95 grams.
● Sizes: 0.78" / 2 cm approx.
● Made in Israel.

Authentic Roman glass Pomegranate pendant and earrings set in sterling silver with seeds.

Own a unique piece of Holy Land antiquity.

This Roman Glass 'Pomegranate' with Seeds Jewelry Set, enough to lead you to fashion, show your personality. its noble appearance, free and easy, elegant and beautiful, youthful.  

Ornate artistic 925 silver frame combined with 2000 year old glass discovered on archaeological digs in Israel.

With love and care, no matter what occasion you wear this Pomegranate with seeds jewelry set, you will be the most fashionable and attractive woman in the crowd.

● Nice accessories to integrate jewelry case for girls and collectors.
● High quality roman glass, no allergies.
● Its special design will make you look unique.
● Elegant and bling choice for your loved one.

And he made decorative chains in the inner sanctuary and put them on top of the columns. And he made one hundred pomegranate ornaments, and put them on the chains. (2 Chronicles 3:16) 

Note: This unique jewelry is made from pieces of broken Roman glass and no 2 are identical. 

Before the Roman period, glass was made with a sand core mold, and was extremely expensive. But during the Roman period, glass blowing was invented, which changed the entire glass industry. Glass became much more common.

One of the first types of vessels to be made using this new blowing technique is the small elongated bottle that we call the “tear bottle”. The shards used for our jewelry come from these ancient bottles from antiquity. 

All Roman glass jewelry shipped to you direct from the Holy Land.

You are welcome to visit us at 24 Christian Quarter Road in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.

Our shop specializes in selling antiquities, and we are licensed by the Israel Antiquities Authority as an authorized dealer.

You will also find many other gifts made in Israel on our site, including Roman glass jewelry, olive wood figures, and other unique gifts from the Old City.

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