Olive Wood

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Hand carved olive wood nativity set with figures made in Bethlehem

Olive wood Christmas ornament in the shape of a small nativity

Hand made in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born

Height: 2.5 inches

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Authentic olive wood Noah’s Ark figure hand carved from Bethlehem

Hand made olive wood pens with “Jerusalem” engraved


Hand carved communion plate from log

Olive wood prayer rosary made with mother of pearl from Bethlehem

Jesus cross hand carved from olive wood from Bethlehem

Large olive wood statue of Peter and Jesus walking on water at the Sea of Galilee from Bethlehem


Praying Hands figure – medium size

The Praying Hand Figure Out Of olive Wood

Praying Hands Artistic Statue out of olive wood hand made excellent gift ,

Dry and nicely colored statue excellent gift for Church family or Pastors

Direct from Jerusalem