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Other olive wood products and figures including a candlestick, pen, hearts and more.

Carved olive wood camel figures connected with a chain and a donkey with traveler on leading.


Olive wood Messianic fish pendant with a cross inside, made in Bethlehem.


Hand made olive wood candlestick

Height: 22cm

Makes a great gift from the Holy Land that can be used for any occasion.

Olive wood is hard and finished – high quality and long-lasting

Made in Bethlehem, Israel


Olive Wood Beads with silver metal chain. Crucifix is 2″ high with white metal edging and a stamp from Jerusalem. Bringing a unique history. Keep it in your purse for Prayers or keep in your car as a Keepsake. Use it as a reminder of the Holy Land or give it as a gift from the heart that will be remembered forever!


Smooth olive wood heart


Made from pure Olive Wood, this is a heart that fits in your palm. An amazing gift from the Holy Land, to give to loved ones on special occasions. Smooth texture and shape.


Hand made olive wood pens with “Jerusalem” engraved

Ink chamber can be refilled

Inscription can be customized – additional $1 every 5 letters

Made in the northern West Bank as a church project to support needy families in Palestine.

Makes a great gift from the Holy Land, and supports a great cause!


Hand carved communion plate from log


Olive wood prayer rosary made with mother of pearl

Hand made in Israel, blessed in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem!


The Praying Hand Figure Out Of olive Wood

Praying Hands Artistic Statue out of olive wood hand made excellent gift ,

Dry and nicely colored statue excellent gift for Church family or Pastors

Direct from Jerusalem