Inn Nativity Set

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The Biblical Nativity scene with carved figures of Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and additional figures set in a wooden structure representing the inn or guest room.

Christmas in Art Hand Carved Nativity


Holy Family Kings and camels special edition



Christmas Nativity Carved In Olive Wood Jesus Birth Art

Hand Carved Nativity the story of Jesus mad by artists in Bethlehem the Holy Land

13 Inch high of a house 13 figures best details and finest finish

Joseph Mary baby Jesus a sphered and Wisemen in their Best artistic Looking

Christmas elegant gifts makes a different to your beloveds from our shop


Nativity scene in a guestroom or inn with nine figures and a musical wind up star


Olive wood nativity set with removable pieces with detailed faces

House has a music box which plays a Christmas song when the star on top is turned

Pieces are hand carved

Made in Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ birth


Christmas Olive wood Nativity

Pure Hand Carved olive wood Christmas nativity figure

Best gift fro this season because he is the reason

Hand made in Bethlehem


Nativity scene in a guestroom or inn with six figures and a bell tower.


Jesus Birth In A Classical Faceless Olive Wood Nativity 

The birth of Jesus in a olive wood nativity classical art olive wood

Olive wood tree we use from King David city Jerusalem Silwan

Dry wood and hand carved in Bethlehem

13 pieces with the house 13 in High

Joseph Mary baby Jesus A Shepherd and 3 wisemen hand made out of olive wood too 12 inch high

the best quality of olive wood you can find

Our gifts makes a difference to your beloveds standard


Creche Christmas Home Gift

Olive wood christmas gift from Bethlehem. Hand Carved Creche Home gift the best from Bethlehem,

Musical House the Holy Family kings shepherd and four animals


Olive wood Christmas ornament in the shape of a small nativity

Hand made in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born

Height: 2.5 inches

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Christmas Gift

Small olive wood nativity Christmas ornament

Made in Bethlehem

Makes a great inexpensive Christmas present from the Holy Land!

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