Other Bible figures

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Olive wood camel hand carved in Bethlehem

Made of one piece of wood

High quality, very detailed art

Height: 4 in., Width: 4.5 in.

Jesus statue made out of one solid piece of olive wood from Bethlehem


Hand carved figure made in Bethlehem of Jesus carrying the lost sheep



Washing the disciples’ feet statue out of olive wood

Authentic olive wood figure handcrafted in Bethlehem depicting Jesus washing His disciples’ feet.

high-quality carving

A great gift for a pastor or a church leader!

Jesus With His Disciples In The Boat Sea Of Galilee

Hand made olive wood figure of Jesus’ disciples fishing on the Sea of Galilee

9 inches long

Very detailed, finely crafted

An excellent gift with New Testament connections!

Hand made in Bethlehem


Classical depiction of Jesus’ last supper hand carved from Bethlehem

Jesus The Good Shepherd olive wood figure

Finest detailed hand crafted work with dry olive wood

The Lion and the Lamb olive wood figure hand carved from Bethlehem

Authentic olive wood Noah’s Ark figure hand carved from Bethlehem

Large olive wood statue of Peter and Jesus walking on water at the Sea of Galilee from Bethlehem