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Gift From Israel Earrings with Roman Glass

Round-shaped silver earrings with authentic Roman glass.

Frame is made of sterling silver 925

Made in Israel


The Jerusalem cross in a gold colored pendant

Height: 1 inch.

A great gift that is unique to Jerusalem!

Made in Jerusalem

Authentic coin of the widow’s mite framed in 14 K gold frame with chain

Sterling silver 925 ring with the messianic “grafted in” (Romans 11) seal – includes the symbols of the fish, menorah, and star of David.

Made in Israel

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Sterling silver 925 harp of David pendant with blue Swarovski crystals

Height: .5 inch

Can be used as a small pendant or charm

Made in Israel


Jewelry Jerusalem Cross With Roman Glass

Authentic Roman glass pendant in a sterling silver 925 frame – Jerusalem cross design

Glass discovered in Israel

Frame hand crafted on a kibbutz in Israel

Silver chain included

Silver Pendant of the Jerusalem cross with a chart of ancient glass from the Roman period

An authentic Widow's Mite in a 14k gold Jerusalem cross frame

The Widow's Mite is a small bronze prutah of Alexander Jannaeus (76-103 B.C.) that was reused during the time of Jesus as the small change of the day.  It is illustrated in the parable of the Widow's Offering in Luke 21.

The Jerusalem cross was originally a crusader symbol which was later adopted as the symbol of Christianity in Jerusalem.  Whenever this symbol is used today, it always represents Jerusalem.

This item is an excellent reminder of Jerusalem with great historical and biblical connections!

Worn as a pendant.Does not include chain. 14K yellow 3.3 grams

Comes with a certificate of authenticity and all required documents for export approval

Authentic Roman glass pendant in a sterling silver 925 frame with gold plated insert – Jerusalem cross design

Silver Jerusalem Cross

Sterling silver Jerusalem cross with authentic pieces of Roman glass on the edges of the cross. Red glass in the center.

Makes a great unique gift from Jerusalem made from authentic 2,000 year old glass!

1.5 inches high