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Red ceramic pomegranate
3.2 Inch high

Armenian hand painted ceramic pomegranate with unique design.
3.5 Inch high

Armenian hand painted ceramic pomegranate with unique design.
3.5 Inch high

Ceramic pomegranate with the image of Jerusalem

3.5 Inches high

Hand painted by Armenians

Made in Jerusalem, Israel

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Shofar l 30 Inch And More 70% Polished – Kosher – Blows Up To 4 Levels – Direct From Israel


Small ram horn shofar to blow on Sabbath and other Jewish feasts.

Length: Approximate 13 inches/35 cm

Biblical Trumpet Shofar

A “shofar” is the biblical Hebrew word for “trumpet.”  This is a ram's horn which was blown on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

Length: 16 inches

Makes a great gift to remember Israel!

Kosher Shofar from Israel

A Shofar is a Jewish trumpet used in the bible for all religious events, declaring victory in battle, and beginning the Shabbat

17 inches long (medium size)

Small kosher shofar from Israel

15 cm long, black color and polished

A shofar is a ram’s horn that was used as a trumpet during the time of the Bible, and is still used for Jewish holidays today.

A great biblical gift from Jerusalem!

Armenian Ceramic hand painted pomegranate small size

The pomegranate is an important religious symbol in Judaism, and is one of the famous seven species of the Holy Land. In archaeological excavations near the Temple Mount, small bronze pomegranates were found that were used as the tips of the staffs that priests used in the temple. It is also a Jewish tradition that the pomegranate represents the Torah and has 613 seeds inside to represent the 613 commandments in the Pentateuch.

Made in Jerusalem

Height: 5cm