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Hand painted Armenian fish plate with the famous depiction of the loaves and fish.

9 Inches in diameter (22cm)

Hand painted – This theme imitates one of the most beautiful ancient mosaic floors in the Holy Land, which is still preserved in The Church of the Loaves and Fishes at Tabgha (Lake Kinneret – Sea of Galilee) The Church was built over a fifth century Byzantine Church.

Makes a great biblical souvenir from the Holy Land!

Large hand painted Armenian plate with the Lord’s Prayer written around it

Jerusalem is the ONLY place today where authentic Armenian ancient heritage pottery is still being created. The first Armenian pilgrims arrived to Jerusalem around 300 AD when they adopted Christianity, making them the first immigrant Christians to establish their presence in Jerusalem. The Armenian potters of Jerusalem are continuing this ancient heritage begun by their ancestors.

Size: 11″ (27cm) in diameter