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Armenian Ceramic hand painted pomegranate small size

The pomegranate is an important religious symbol in Judaism, and is one of the famous seven species of the Holy Land. In archaeological excavations near the Temple Mount, small bronze pomegranates were found that were used as the tips of the staffs that priests used in the temple. It is also a Jewish tradition that the pomegranate represents the Torah and has 613 seeds inside to represent the 613 commandments in the Pentateuch.

Made in Jerusalem

Height: 5cm

Small ceramic dip bowl

Hand painted by Armenians in Jerusalem

Diameter: 3 inches

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Light green ceramic bowl

Diameter: 3.5 inches

Hand painted by Armenians in Jerusalem

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Hand painted Armenian ceramic tray depicting the famous mosaic floor at Tabgah (the miracle of Jesus feeding the five thousand)

Length: 16 in., Width: 8 in.

Made in Israel

Hand painted by Armenians in Jerusalem

Frame made of local olive wood

The Qumran Scrolls Educational Kit

This kit includes the following:

1. A ceramic replica of the storage jars that held the Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves surrounding Qumran

2. An informational booklet on the Dead Sea Scrolls – including what are the Dead Sea Scrolls?, their discovery, and why they are important to the Bible and scholarship today

3. A replica scroll showing the actual text of the Dead Sea Scrolls, taken from the Isaiah Scroll


Makes an excellent gift to illustrate how God has preserved his word throughout the ages!

This product is unique to our store!