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Ancient Jewish Coin Widow’s Mite in A Silver Setting

Red ceramic pomegranate
3.2 Inch high

Clay Replica oil lamp based exactly according to the design from the first century A.D. Roman oil lamps



Dead Sea Scroll Replica

1st Century Oil Lamp Replica

Olive wood Messianic fish pendant with a cross inside made in Bethlehem.

Jerusalem Camel Leather Sandals

Authentic camel leather sandals made in Jerusalem

Available in all sizes, please choose size at checkout

$ 29.95 $ 24.45 QUICKSHOP

100% Leather sandals made in Jerusalem

Design is based on the sandals found at the Masada excavations – 1st century A.D. type of sandals

Please contact us with sizing information

Jesus With His Disciples In The Boat Sea Of Galilee

Hand made olive wood figure of Jesus’ disciples fishing on the Sea of Galilee

9 inches long

Very detailed, finely crafted

An excellent gift with New Testament connections!

Hand made in Bethlehem

Olive wood nativity scene hand carved from an olive wood log.

Musical Olive Wood Christmas Nativity Box hand carved locally