Glass 'Shadai' Mezuzah - Judaica from Jerusalem

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Glass mezuzah with letters of (Sh,D,I) Shadai, meaning "Almighty"

Height: 22 cm.
Made in Jerusalem.

Glass mezuzah with letters of (Sh,D,I) Shadai, meaning "Almighty"

The Mezuzah is fixed at an angle in the doorway to the entrance of a house. In some homes also to otehr living rooms.

Height: 22 cm.
Made in Jerusalem.

Unique decorative and biblical judaica from Israel.

Write them on the door-frames of your houses and on your gates. (Deuteronomy 6:9)

Shipped to you direct from Jerusalem.

You are welcome to visit us at 24 Christian Quarter Road in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.

Our shop specializes in selling antiquities, and we are licensed by the Israel Antiquities Authority as an authorized dealer.

You will also find many other gifts made in Israel on our site, including Roman glass jewelry, olive wood figures, and other unique gifts from the Old City.

Height 22cm

Made in Jerusalem, Israel Makes for a great gift to remember the Jewish roots of Christianity. A Jewish tradition that is explained in Deuteronomy Ch. 6.

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