Wooden Crosses from Israel

Wooden Crosses from Israel

The cross is the most recognized symbol in Christianity. It represents the essence and foundation of God's plan of redemption, which consisted of Christ's sacrifice for the sins of mankind and God's victory over sin and death. Both Christians and the messianic movement use this cross, which can stand alone or be inside a Star of David.

That they are carved in olive wood represents one of the largest and finest examples of sculpture made in Israel with a national emblem.

It is believed that 400 years ago, Franciscan monks began teaching locals the art of olive wood carving. Over the centuries, the carving of wooden crosses was perfected. Today, with modern technology, the carving process has been accelerated but each piece must still be hand-carved by the artisan to some extent.

The secret is that the crosses are not made from the wood of the tree itself, but from the pruning of the tree (which are essential for the proper growth of these special trees).

If you add to this the fact that they are carved in the Holy Land, both in Jerusalem and in other places in Israel, it gives greater significance to the carving and gives it a blessed meaning for all who buy, give or receive it.

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