Who Should Use Anointing Oil?

Who Should Use Anointing Oil?

The truth is that every Christian can use anointing oil for ceremonial, familial, and personal purposes. During Biblical times, anointing oil was predominantly used in ceremonial services, with Israel commonly anointing the heads of their kings with oil.

Samuel also anointed the head of young David as he was selected as King. When priests were selected, they too were anointed, especially as they prepared to transition to high priest positions. Similarly, in modern days, we by faith, and according to scripture use oil in bible meetings, dedications, committal services, etc. Church leaders can also use this anointing oil for special ceremonies. Christian families may use anointing on their spouse, their children, and their relatives, while others are free to use anointing oil to anoint their homes, personal possessions, and assets that they want to be covered and set apart for holy purposes.

So they set out and preached that the people should repent. They also drove out many demons and healed many of the sick, anointing them with oil.  
(Mark 6:12-13)

Most importantly, the use of oil for the anointing of the sick should only be done by elders, as scripture advises. Persons who are extremely ill or who have a major pending procedure can call for the elders to anoint them, and prayers prayed in faith will make such a sick person well.

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