What would my pastor love?

What would my pastor love?

A pastor can certainly appreciate the regular gifts of ties, and socks, cufflinks and tie pins, especially since they are often required to wear a suit and tie more often than not.

Outside of these regular gifts though, your pastor would really love scripture focused gifts or gifts that are symbolic of the life of Jesus or his teachings. These can take many different formats.

What about getting him a hanging cross or a Ten Commandments wall hanging in both English and Hebrew that he can display in his vestry or in his home office. This makes a great conversational starter.

Pastors eat too, so nothing would make your Pastor smile more than eating a fruit from a beautiful Armenian ceramic bowl featuring images of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. That is a gift he certainly would love.

Along this line, an Armenian Pomegranate is also a highly symbolic gift that suggests royalty and fertility, certainly sentiments that you would want to convey to your Pastor.

Do not forget the wooden statutes of Biblical events, which are sturdy enough to fit easily on his desk without toppling. Talk about making a statement!

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