What’s a Christian gift?

What’s a Christian gift?

Yes, there are Christian gifts and there are non-Christian gifts. Everyone loves a good gift, but the truth is that gift buying can place real pressure on the giver, and this case of finding Christian gifts can be one of those pressuring times.

If you have a friend who is a Christian, you may be wondering what are some suitable options that is truly representative of what they are passionate about, and we have a few suggestions.

Firstly, you can never go wrong with scripture verses. Whether you put these on a shirt, bowl, plaque, jewelry, scarf, bag, place mats, coasters or even a card, you have immediately transformed an ordinary item into a Christian gift.

Secondly, Christian gifts include Bibles, Devotionals, Affirmation texts, Prayer Journals, and Gospel CD’s and DVD’s. These are all media that a Christian will appreciate.

Finally, you can always zone in on items of biblical significance such as standing or hanging crosses, statutes of Biblical events and characters, Ten Commandment tablets and plaques, incense and spices and even The Lord's Supper set.

These are all gifts that connect with the passion that drives Christians and will be considered thoughtful and meaningful to the recipient.

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