What do Jewish gifts mean to Christians?

What do Jewish gifts mean to Christians?

The Jewish population of Israel holds a wide diversity of attitudes toward the traditions and religious observance. Israeli's today vary greatly in their lifestyles and religious practices, something that is affirmed in Jewish ceremonial objects. These objects, as well as some gifts, have a very special meaning for Christians also.

In Judaism, there are special times when people customarily give each other gifts, traditions that revolve around a certain aspect and that many Christians do not fully understand. Among the most significant for Christians is the Menorah, the 7-armed candelabrum, which symbolizes Christ as the light of the world and the guide of all Christians.

Another object of significance is the replica of the ark of the covenant, which symbolizes the presence and justice of God for Christians; the Torah scroll, which symbolizes the Mosaic laws given by God to Moses; the seder plate, which symbolizes the food eaten by the Israelites when they left Egypt and their passage from slavery to freedom. This same feast is a shadow of the believers freedom from bondage to sin.

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