Types of anointing in the Bible

Types of anointing in the Bible

The Bible shows us several different types of anointing. As a general rule, anointing in the Bible is to set a person apart, to consecrate them to God for a specific reason, ministry or calling. Within this general category, we can see several types of anointing. 

A person can be set apart for a specific ministry through anointing. For instance, Elijah anointed Elisha as prophet in his place. (I Kings 19:16) This consecrated the young prophet for the work that God had called him to. We see similar stories in the consecration of priests and kings in the Hebrew Bible. Psalms 133:1 speaks poetically of the consecrating oil running down Aaron the priest’s beard and dripping onto his clothes. Zadok the priest took a horn of sacred oil from the tabernacle and anointed the young man Solomon as king. (I Kings 1:39) Each of these anointing’s was for a special purpose in God’s work. 

The most touching story of anointing that we read in the Bible is Mary’s anointing Jesus before His death in preparation for His burial. She recognized that He was going to die and prepared Him for it. (Mark 14:8) Jesus praised her act of consecration and said that wherever the Gospel would be preached in the future, people would speak of her loving gift. 

Another type of anointing that we see is in the New Testament. In the book of Mark, we read of Jesus sending His disciples out on a preaching mission. They anointed the sick and healed them. Later, one of those same disciples, the Apostle James, wrote about anointing for healing. (James 5:14) This is perhaps the best-known case of anointing in the Bible where the sick person calls for the elders to come and anoint him and pray for healing. This too appears to be a case of that person being singled out and set aside. However, instead of consecration for a specific work, the person is placed before God for healing.

Finally, anointing with oil has another specific purpose in the Bible. If you desire to consecrate yourself to prayer and fasting, the Bible says to anoint your head and not appear outwardly to fast. (Matthew 6:17) Fasting is a time of separation from the world and bodily needs to focus fully on Him. The reward for fasting comes from the pursuit of God, not from other’s praise.

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