Should Christians use Prayer shawls?

Should Christians use Prayer shawls?

The tallit is a prayer shawl that serves the believers in their prayer time. It is one of the most recognized garments of Judaism. It consists of a rectangle of cloth with bangs which have bangs called tzitzit in each corner. The actual purpose of the tallit is to hold the tzitzit. This garment complies with one of the commandments given by God to Moses, which we find in Numbers 15:37-40.

Tallit designs are usually white with blue or black lines. Designs vary from simple and elegant, to beautiful illustrations of Jerusalem or Seven Spices. Also, the tallit can be made from a variety of fabrics, although the most traditional is usually wool, followed more recently by silk or acrylic.

We stock a large range of prayer shawls with Messianic 'Grafted In' symbols and New Testament scriptures. We also have beautiful pink tallit for the ladies. For all believers seeking to express their love for the roots of our faith, these tallit are a wonderful gift. 

Today, believers in Jesus and more and more desiring to wear a tallit as Jesus did. It is known that early Christians in the first century wore the tallit as a reminder of God's promises and obedience to the gospel of Christ, so other believers may wear a tallit in their prayer ceremonies or in the congregation. Wearing the mantle of the tallit can help us to remember daily to wrap ourselves in the love of God and His Word, as well as obedience to the gospel of Christ.

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