Praying over the oil

Praying over the oil

I Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to “Pray without ceasing.” A believer in Christ should go through life in a spirit of prayer. Prayer oils and anointing oils are designed to aid in your meditation on the story of Jesus and the attributes of God.

Most of these oils are a blend of olive oil and some other ingredients. Usually, the other ingredients are aromatics that are tied to a particular story or passage in the Bible. For instance, anointing oil containing spikenard calls to mind the story of Mary pouring the spikenard on Jesus’ in preparation for His burial. 

Whichever prayer oil you choose, it is good to stop and pray over the oil before you apply it. When you pray, meditate on the Bible verses associated with your oil. For instance, you could pray for God to lead you like Mary. She showed humility, tenderness and a willingness to ignore the scoffers and to sacrifice for Jesus. Her actions demonstrate that she had a ready ear to hear Jesus’ words. He prophesied of His death, but many who were close to Him did not take it seriously like Mary did. 

As you meditate on the Scriptures and enter into a time of private or public worship, you can inhale the scent of the Bible through the oil and ask God to bless your time of prayer. You can ask Him to bring out in you the characteristics of Mary. You can ask Him for the grace, humility and kindness that she showed to the Son of God.

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